RoadPad - Lifetime

110.00 EUR

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We at RoadShop know what role a good tablet plays on a FiveM server, that's why we designed this tablet. It is fully optimized, you will have no problems with our tablet, we have been providing free daily technical, update as well as installation support to all customers for months now.
Our attitude is every customer pays the same price for the same service, so there will never be a discount. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, if you have a problem contact us and we will help you immediately.

This Tablet is compatible to any Smartphone in FiveM.

RoadPad comes with 4 languages: ( German, English, French, Italian )

We are continuously increasing the number of languages we offer.

Due to the Rockstar and Tebex TOS, there are no real brand names & logos in our phone. 

You can customize any logo & name by yourself after purchase.

This resource is only compatible with ESX 1.1 or ESX 1.2 & Legacy

Compatible with multicharacter system like (esx_multicharacter, MyMultichar, esx_kashacter)


  • Apps: AppShop, Camera, Photos, Bank, Settings, Clock, Mail, Weather, Notes, Maps,  VisionTube, Music, Memes, TweetWave, Browser,  Valet ( Search your Car, Deliver your Car ), Billing App, Designs, Business, Marketplace ( sell your items, like on ebay ), Crypto, CopNet, MedicNet, FireNet, CarNet , EmergencyOS, Message App

  • Features:  Cloud Account,  RoadDrop ( between players and from roadpad to roadphone ), Record Videos, Discord webhook logs, Lockscreen ( with Notifications + Pin ), User Control Panel (brightness, flight mode, flashlight, music, volume, focus mode), Marketplace ( sell items ), flashlight ( synced between players ), Other players hear music,  

  • Music App: Over 80 million songs, no configuration needed.

  • Games: Flappybird, DoodleJump, MasterArcher, Swooop, Swerve, PacMan, TicTacToe, DonkeyKong

  • Custom Apps: You can add unlimited Custom Apps to the Pad ( via Link )

  • Prop: We at RoadShop have had an Tablet Prop specially made for you.

  • VoiceChats: PmaVoice ( recommended ), MumbleVoip, SaltyChat (works stably in version 2.6) and TokoVoip 

We support every product from VPC including: CopNet, MedicNet, FireNet, CarNet (

We support EmergencyOS from Ancomox.







Message App is only available if you use RoadPhone

This resource is only compatible with ESX 1.1 or ESX 1.2 & Legacy

Information about Licensesystem

RoadShop wants to protect its products and its customers as much as possible, so we use the encryption method.

Before buying a script from us, always make sure that you are logged in with your account and not with the wrong one, the license will be linked to the account.

We recommend to buy the product only if you have some Lua knowledge.

It is easy to set up, installation guide + FAQ is in the included files.

Also remember that your server version must be above 5686 otherwise the script will not work correctly.

Here you can update your server version. Protection Status